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Helping school nutrition programs extend their reach to elevate program impact & success 

Committed to Success

About Us

We’re committed to your success.  

We define success in school nutrition as providing students and families the highest quality food and nutrition experience possible.  But we also deeply understand the complexities of school nutrition programs and the barriers those can create to progress.  Our company was founded by a school nutrition director who always seeks creative and effective solutions to problems.  Our team is willing to dive into the details to understand your barriers and provide tools and strategies to make systematic and lasting improvements.   

Why Choose Us

We provide realistic and creative solutions.

Our team is all about making an impact.   We have learned through our unique experience as both school nutrition operator and small business owner how to maximize that impact on limited resources.  We want to share and help apply that knowledge to school nutrition teams.

Expertise And Experience

We have a team of seasoned professionals with extensive experience in school nutrition. We’ve worked as operators, industry, and association leaders and bring a well-rounded viewpoint to every project. 

Customized Solutions

Yes, we “do consulting”.  But we have a unique approach that combines understanding your unique needs with providing a solution that includes both plan and tools necessary to accomplish the work. 

Empowering Exceptional School Nutrition

Our goal is to help you achieve long-term success and sustainable school nutrition programs. We go beyond quick fixes and focus on building a strong foundation for your school nutrition program.

Technology-Focused Solutions

We are forward-thinking with utilizing technology to achieve our goals.   After all, we did create MenuLogic K12 to do just that.   But we also know how to utilize multiple technology solutions that businesses across the world use to thrive in an ever-changing environment.   Let us help you apply this to your school nutrition program.

Our Services

Solutions that find you time and focus.

Focusing our limited time resources on high impact leads to more successful outcomes and happier work-life.   We help you get there.

Menu Optimization Study

Maximize participation and profitability, enhance customer satisfaction, and understand your menu’s strengths and weaknesses.   We take your data and use our powerful MenuLogic K12 software to do the rest.

Process & Workflow Mapping

“Time sucks” are real.  Is that task making an impact?  Sometimes even the smallest tweaks can have lasting impact in time and happiness gains.   Let us give a fresh set of eyes to your team’s pain points.

Continuous Quality Improvement Framework

It all starts with standards (framework) for success.   Teams are happier, decisions more focused, and outcomes more successful when everyone understands the “why” behind their work.  Let us help you build your blueprint for success.

Financial Assessment & Strategy

Looking for a review of your program’s financial position?  Or maybe a review of your practices and processes monitoring?  Or maybe you have some annoying processes that take way too long you want to improve.   We can help you sort it out.

Team Extension Services

There’s only so much time in a day and only so many people (and skillsets) on the team.  Expand your capabilities and scale your reach with our flexible team extension solutions.  We offer members of our team to take on projects or repeated tasks that are either out of scope for your team’s skillsets, take up too much precious time, or you just haven’t been able to get to.   We want to help you accomplish that  “someday” project pile and more.

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Our Services

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