Easy Enough to Jump Right In

You heard that right. Intuitive and efficient, our onboarding process is designed to enable you to realize the value of data optimization quickly.

We believe the heavy lifting of onboarding should be on our team’s shoulders and personalized support should be the gold standard. Districts can introduce MenuLogic K12 production records to their team in just a few weeks and analysis begins with that very first completed record. You upload existing docs and we go to work setting up MenuLogic K12 for you. Manager training is streamlined and simplified using checklists and resources that set the course and pre-identify answers to common questions. The best part is, as you graduate from onboarding to full adoption and integration, our support team takes it from there.

Onboarding Phases

Onboarding timeline is flexible and you decide the pace. Read below for our suggested timeline.

Phase 1・Days 1-7

Phase 1・Days 1-7

Kick Off

Planning & Organization

Let’s get to know each other. We review your district’s needs and customize our onboarding plan to meet your needs.

STEP 1: Kick-Off Meeting

  • Connect and understand your goals and timeline
  • Initial login and tour the site
  • Review requested documents we need from you

STEP 2:  Document Upload

  • We scour your existing documents for the details we need
  • We set up your site for you, so you don’t have to

Phase 2・Days 7-30

Phase 2・Days 7-30

Ready to Go

Practice & Explore

Your site is all set up for you! Start entering production records and we will work through any setup adjustments together.

STEP 3: Ready-To-Go Meeting

  • Review and finalize completed site setup
  • Prepare for Manager training

STEP 4: Manager Training

  • Managers learn best practices for entering production records
  • Our goal is to share answers to common questions before they are asked – and be able to answer any new questions that arise

STEP 5: Production Record Go-Live

  • Give the production records a try!
  • Gather remaining questions, we help you answer them. That’s it!

Phase 3・>30 Days 

Phase 3・>30 Days

Wrap Up & Learn

Learn & Succeed

That’s right!  We’re still with you – helping you review resources to gain insights from locked production record data

STEP 6.  Wrap Up & Learn Meeting

  • Meet with Customer Success Manager to review questions that came up from Managers
  • Together, we explore available insights and all the resoures available to you and your team

Resources & Support

We’re committed to providing exceptional training resources and support to help your team to successfully leverage our software to achieve new heights with your child nutrition program. We start that support from the very beginning by relieving you from the heavy lifting of onboarding (hint: we do the item and menu cycle input for you!). We want you to integrate this powerful tool into your toolbox as quickly as possible. Utilize our Reporting Roadmap to consult reports with a more targeted approach to finding the answer you’re after. Wish we could add a certain enhancement? Tell us! We owe much of our current and future functionality to operators just like you and their suggestions. With direct access to our experts, you won’t have to navigate through multiple tiers to get the answers you need. We’re a small team of K12 and software specialists, and we’re here to help you connect the dots and make the most of our software.


How Easy It Really Is…

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