A software solution created simply because it needed to exist.

MenuLogic K12  was created by a school nutrition Director, frustrated with always having more questions than answers from the data she had to work with. She believed that with timely, meaningful information at the ready, her team would have the confidence to aim high and continually strive for quality food, nutrition and meal-time experience for students. She sought answers to all of her questions by trying existing K12 technology, but the solution didn’t exist. So, she put her school nutrition heart and soul into it and created it. For you, and for our community.

We’re all in on school nutrition. We come from humble beginnings and don’t answer to big tech or investors. Our intentions, creativity, and agility shine through as we remain focused on our mission and values in every step of product development, support, and customer experience. Our community of awesome school nutrition operators is growing, and we’re excited for what the future holds.

Our Values

Our company values may feel familiar to you. Our culture at MenuLogic K12 is connected to the heart and soul of school nutrition. We are fueled by the same values and beliefs that drives your own team. Your daily mission is our inspiration and guiding light: to empower exceptional Child Nutrition!

Continuous Quality Improvement

Time is our most valuable asset. We strive for a unique approach to efficiency that prioritizes being the best we can be for our customers and for each other.

Humility & Vulnerability

We know who we are and believe that no matter the size of our company, we can make a big impact on this community.

Passion & Purpose

We love what we do and we know why we’re doing it. We are deliberate in how we focus our energy on our mission and our purpose.

Courage & Curiosity

We are big thinkers who aren’t afraid to push the boundaries outside the norm. When we believe that something we can do will help others, we do it – and we don’t let fear stand in our way.

Empathy & Collaboration

School nutrition is a community of collaboration, and we thrive on that. We understand how the work in school nutrition is challenging and dive into the nitty-gritty to help ease that burden.

Be Good Humans

Honesty, transparency, kindness & integrity. These are core values that we can all get behind.

Why We Love What We Do…

Our Memberships