Written by Lindsey Hill


July 10, 2020

Well, here we are.  I am writing a blog now!  If you are here checking this out, let me give you a little backstory:

I am the type of person who is constantly thinking about a project or a task and trying to figure out in my mind the best, fastest way to accomplish it. I try to design processes for things that some people just don’t want me to design a process for (ask my family). I’m also one of those people that toss ideas out in the room (or on the call)  and all of my friends/colleagues are thinking “What are you talking about?” Then I rewind back a bit in my brain and explain how I got to the idea I was presenting and hope I’m conveying what I’m trying to say.   Sometimes people get me.  Sometimes they just don’t!  Hopefully as you read this, you will get me.  

As an experienced school nutrition director, I’ve learned financial management concepts and strategies on the job over the past 15 years. A true passion of mine is breaking down what has worked (and what has not) and sharing those methods and strategies with others.  I also love learning best practices that others have found and applying those to mine. I strive to continually improve and refine processes within my operation and within myself given the ever-changing school nutrition climate.  

If you ask those who work with me day in and day out – I am constantly asking “What tasks can we do faster so we make the time to do something else that has a bigger impact?” We work this way because our students and community deserve nothing less. This same passion and drive is what led me to create MenuLogic K12, a software solution I needed in order to get directly to the point of what helps me (and others) operate a successful program that includes happy, healthy students AND bottom line.  

I hope that with this blog I can introduce or start a conversation of some of the key concepts about financial strategy in K-12 school nutrition that led me to create MenuLogic K12 in a way that is positive, forward-thinking and productive for all of us.

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